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Brian Snijders

Never stop developing

Three words characterizing myself as a professional. Embracing the development of both technology and people to create powerful digital experiences for you and your customer. Bringing in 20 years of experience in software engineering, technical consultancy and people & team performance coaching.

Motivated by a passion for people and a passion for creative change, I thrive in complex continuous change environments where momentum and impact can be made in improving the existing status quo. Not scared to face complexity, unclear goals or high risk projects. Running or maintaining status quo for a long time however, is not my strength. All this while continuously interesting myself for the people I work with, bringing in a positive mindset in connecting and working with them. Coaching them on their personal ambitions and development goals, to help them never stop developing.

Loving simple things in life, both simplicity and resolution are two of my professional values. Breaking down complex challenges to actionable challenges, while still creating that desired experience and (business) value. Taking responsibility and using a positive can-do attitude when the going gets tough. Both professional and personal values, I live by my authenticity and purity. No hidden agendas, with honesty and transparancy in front of everything else. Using a constructive and empathic negotiation style in contact with my peers and stakeholders.

Bridging and augmenting your people and your technology, is what I'm best at. Expect me to help you create stunning digital experiences through change, expect me to help you develop your people, and we will be a winning team!

My current professional focus lies on:

  • technical leadership and coaching
  • architectural consultancy and development
  • ci/cd consultancy and development
  • Bloomreach consultancy and development

My current professional interest lies in:

  • rapid prototyping, design sprints
  • cloud technologies (IAAS/PAAS/SAAS)
  • MACH-based architecture and development


Personal information

Full name
Brian Snijders
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Date of birth
April 29, 1983
Dutch (native),English (fluent),German (basic),French (basic)
Drivers license
+31 6 4554 0083

My professional affinity



The Future Partners

2022 - present | Partner

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2019 - 2022 | Technical Lead & DXP Solution Architect

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Working in our DXP platform team, I've migrated the on-premise Bloomreach DXP platform to the cloud, introduced and improved DXP governance and implemented technical debt reduction strategies (reducing 50+ days to, at most, 1 day). I've laid down and governed architectural guidelines on scalability, robustness and flexibility of the DXP platform. Doing so, I've managed 25+ stakeholders from a technical point-of-view, I've provided hard and soft skill coaching to colleagues and I've acted as a senior advisory member to senior management on various topics.

  • Great Place To Work Ambassador on employee happiness and effectiveness


2016 - 2019 | Managing Consultant Online

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At Incentro I've been principal consultant in the DXP portfolio, providing consultancy on Bloomreach and Contentful solutions to various clients and developing the DXP proposition (and its adjacent propositions) of Incentro. I've also used my expert knowledge on DXP related challenges to provide consultancy in general on DXP related matters, extending beyond Bloomreach and Contentful. As a managing consultant I took a strong part in laying down the foundation to have self managed autonomous teams in our branch office in Rotterdam. Standing at the cradle of one of our teams, my team and I managed to become a high performance autonomous team. Eventually this also led to a nomination to become managing director of our Rotterdam office.

  • Awarded Bloomreach Most Valuable Professional 2017
  • Nominated for Managing Director of our branch office
  • Certified Contentful Developer
  • Insights Discovery
  • Interpersonal Coaching Programme


2013 - 2016 | Principle Software Engineer WCM

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As a Principle Software Engineer, my main responsibility is to outline solution architectures for our WCM and webintegration projects. In projects, mapping business to technology and technology to business is one of my daily jobs, guiding, guarding and monitoring our projects to assure implementation quality over our WCM and webintegration projects. Aside from that I assist sales and marketing in sustaining their focus on the market and winning pitches in the role of sales engineer. To our WCM developers I've acted in the role of competence lead, having a more coaching and mentoring role, aiding them in implementation difficulties and helping them to make the next step in their career.


2010 - 2013 | Senior Software Engineer WCM

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As a Senior Software Engineer, my main focus is to deliver various applications to various customers. Aside from delivering software, I also fulfill the role of technical lead in various teams, responsible for making technical choices and technically managing the team to achieve the best possible results.

  • Certified Bloomreach Developer

H&P Management Consultancy & Training

2007 - 2010 | Medior Software Engineer

Having graduated at H&P, I've stayed at the company to further develop my graduation project into an operational product to allow institutions and townships to track subsidy grants and settlements. Aside from taking part in a larger development team to develop on the other products in the company its product portfolio, I've been seconded various times as a systems designer to various clients, taking my first steps in consultancy.


Kamer van Koophandel

2022 - present | DXP Cloud Migration

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Realisation of a futureproof DX platform on top of Bloomreach XM for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK), improving editorial experience and servicing of Dutch entrepreneurs. Zero downtime migration of Tridion CMS to Bloomreach XM (bigbang). Contracted by one of KVK its preferred suppliers to aid the project as a Bloomreach & CI/CD engineer.

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2019 - 2022 | DXP Cloud Migration

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Zero downtime migration (phased) of anwb.nl from an on-premise Bloomreach DXP stack to a brand new and refactored Bloomreach DXP stack running in the cloud.

Agile Apache Tomcat Scrum C4 Bloomreach XM 12+ Java 8+ Maven 3 Spring Spring Security Pac4J OpenID Connect Azure Elastic GitLab SonarQube Ansible Docker Git MkDocs Talend OpenStudio HTML CSS JavaScript NodeJS NextJS React API Management Apigee Swagger Apache Camel Trivy Snyk REST JIRA Confluence


2019 - 2021 | Doofer

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Entrepreneurial project to improve sports and stadium experience by offering personalised digital experiences (mobile app with fully cloud native backend) for stadium visitors such as on-the-spot food and beverage delivery and point-of-sale order management.

Agile Kanban Google Cloud Platform Firebase Microservices Ionic Framework 5+ Java 8+ GitLab Docker Git MkDocs HTML CSS JavaScript NodeJS React TypeScript REST JIRA Confluence


2018 | Sanquin Donorplatform

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New online platform to increase donor subscriptions for blood and plasma donation, automating a complex subscription process in a user-friendly and accesible way. Looking back, the increased donor conversion through this platform anticipated on Covid-19, where research on blood donations has been conducted by Sanquin to aid the research of a cure and/or vaccine by analysing antibodies.

Agile Scrum Bloomreach XM 10 Java 8+ Spring Python Git HTML CSS JavaScript NodeJS REST JIRA Confluence


2018 - 2019 | Yielder Farmer Information Platform

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Yielder is a smartphone app and a farmer information platform created through a partnership with key stakeholders in order to aid farmers to increase their yields, acting as the digital bridge between the need for information from farmers and the existing information available in knowledge centers like NGO's and universities. Working with our Kenyan branch office at Incentro, to help our Kenyan developers in further developing the Yielder app and working with Google Cloud Platform.

Agile Scrum API Management Google Cloud Platform Bitbucket Pipelines Firebase Microservices Java 8+ GitLab Git NodeJS REST JIRA Confluence


2017 - 2019 | Website redesign

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Implemented a new visual identity and brand refresh for anwb.nl.

Agile Apache Tomcat Scrum Bloomreach XM 10+ Java Spring Spring Security Jenkins SonarQube Git HTML CSS JavaScript FreeMarker API Management REST JIRA Confluence


2016 - 2017 | DXP Upgrade

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Upgrading the DXP platform of anwb.nl to the most recent version of Bloomreach. My Bloomreach expertise was required, since the platform was in an unupgradeable state back then and nearing end-of-life support, which was to be prevented by upgrading anyway.

Agile Apache Tomcat Scrum Bloomreach XM 7.8+ Java Spring Spring Security Jenkins SonarQube Git HTML CSS JavaScript FreeMarker API Management REST JIRA Confluence


Pelgrim Product portfolio website

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Koninklijk Nederlands Genootschap voor Fysiotherapie (KNGF)
Corporate website and service platform

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2014 - 2015

Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland (LVNL)
Online recruitment platform

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2014 - 2015

Hogeschool Zuyd
Corporate website and service platform

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Corporate website and service platform

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2012 - 2015

Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO)
Corporate website and service platform

2011 - 2013

Summa College
Corporate website and service platform

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Delft University of Technology

2001 - 2007 | Delft, The Netherlands

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Computer Science (MSc.)

Erasmiaans Gymnasium

1995 - 2001 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Secondary school

Capelse Schoolvereniging

1987 - 1995 | Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands

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Primary school